James Brown - Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine


James Brown | Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine

this song has been stuck in my head for a week now…


The other night I watched movies with Johnny on my balcony, when he left I smoked a bowl and fell asleep outside for 3 hours dreaming about my strong wings.

I think the wings might be an artistic vision because its something I have been incorporating in my literature and maybe even my next canvas.

Always protect yourself, Jess.

Lately I’ve been blessed with vast amounts of self confidence, I’m beautiful, I’m kind, I’m caring but very selective with who I show my beauty.

I have gotten good at ignoring negative vibes and people, no estas invitada.


i made a thing last night.

I’d woken up early, and I took a long time getting ready to exist.
The Book of Disquiet (Fernando Pessoa)

I never liked living with mistrust and paranoia, it makes me the worst person I can be.

I’ve been having too many dreams where I’m an angel, I’m really starting to believe I am, or I must be or its what I’m destined to be.

“All the other fairies fly, why don’t you?”
“I had wings once. They were strong. They were stolen from me.


Carlos Schwabe

Death of the Grave Digger


Why would you ask irrelevant people to rate your blog? Why am I following people who do this.


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